About me

Hi there! I am a software engineer living and working remotly in Upstate New York and Israel. Most of what I do is planning, executing and improving Native Mobile Apps, the ones you get on the App Store or Play Store. I usually write both the ‘native’ and ‘backend’ code that run these things. I like to think of myself as a craftsman who, just like a carpenter or a builder understand the various different things that connects to what they do. It’s a nostalgic and maybe outdated perspective because today’s markets and products have very different speeds and evolution, still, I feel that in the haste of our race much is forgotten, and kind of hanging around to remind people of that. I enjoy living close to nature, cooking, having people for dinner, good one to one conversaions. I practice Yoga for a few years, and have a ‘Sadhana’ a personal yogic practice. I also meditate and involved in healing modailit including my own healing. Feel free to take a look around and contact me with any questions. I took Art in College, and before that performed around Europe as a Jazz guitarist. WHich makes me a devoute Music and Art lover.